Making PAS 2060 a reality by enabling the experts

Take a micro and macro slice of bimdl data to validate retrofits assumptions and drive change with trusted data. Net Zero, Retrofits and decarbonisation to PAS 2060 standards are at the top of most landlords’ agenda, but they need your help.

property software

Over 1B datasets for social properties and their energy performance

Why work with bimdl?


We believe that collaboration and inclusion is the only way to achieve radical transformation. We pride our technology on its interoperability and our willingness to adapt it to the ever-shifting legislative and environmental landscape.

Extended resource

We know the work only begins with valid and trusted data and that downstream technical requirements could still hinder time to value. Our technical competencies become an extension of the consultants we support. 

Net Zero as a Service (NZaaS)

ESG goals are made simple and can easily be demonstrated for bimdl landlords. We ensure accountability to act by surfacing any Net Zero potential inside the managed stock and establishing the steps required by working with the global supply chain and ESG funds.

Campaign driven enterprise

We know our capacity, who it’s for, and when to deliver it. We ask the market to signal if they want what we build and deliver positively remarkable products for our users. We strive to ensure rapid time to value for consultants and their customers. 

NZaaS In practice

Low code data analytics tools and machine learning models to process asset data for PAS 2060 projects.


Identify assets with the headroom to be decorated with renewable technology alongside scheduled maintenance.

Prioritise assets with the available real-estate for renewable technology and potential for over generation

Plug funding gaps through ESG investment and deploy solutions for clients with one view for all.

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