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Bimdl is a one stop shop that consolidates asset intelligence generated by multiple stakeholders in a Golden Thread – and so much more.

Free for social housing residents 

Strands of asset intelligence

Assets have four Strands of intelligence that when combined in Bimdl, make up the Golden Thread.

Public Intelligence

Information and media stored across multiple public records around an assets environmental impact and legal status

Local Intelligence

Intelligence generated in close proximity to an asset that would otherwise be unaccessable to other stakeholders

Business Intelligence

Intelligence relating to an assets economic function and general upkeep

Solutions Intelligence

Intelligence that is created from a solution or service provided by domain experts

Data points

Who we help

Ensuring transparency and accountability by connecting asset intelligence to all stakeholders to 

provide easily accessible, reliable, up to date and accurate information.

Asset Owner

Calibrate with intelligence held on public record and remove the fragility of data access in one hit.

Solution Provider

Subscribe to asset intelligence to improve solutions and promote shared efficiencies with asset owners.


Self help tools and applications that encourage your inclusion as the most valuable asset of all.


Insights at an asset, organisation or sector wide level and connect directly with asset users.


Typically a home, block or commercial building


A residential unit inside a Facility


A plot constrained by a legal boundary


An outbuilding used for vehicle storage


Parking linked to a Facility or Flat.


Multiple Assets held in one entry.
*Av 10 Facilities per Multiple

Steps to value

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1. Build Asset Subscription

Search for assets with any combination of organisation, postcode and district to surface intelligence that supports your use case. The platform will retrieve the assets that match your conditions grouped by organisation.

2. View In Data Staging

Import your asset subscription to perform table based queries across the available public records. Cross reference the normalised address structure and references like UPRN and Title Number.

3. Drill Down In GIS

Bring assets together with spatial context and filter the map view based on customised Lenses and asset type. Group qualifying assets with polygons and relate meta descriptions that match your project.

4. Engage In The Golden Thread

Navigate and engage with discrete asset events via the Golden Thread. Combining available Strands of intelligence and media, co-opted by permitted stakeholders.

Subscribe to Asset Intelligence

Use the asset subscription wizard below to surface intelligence that support your requirements

What's the point?

I subscribe to assets intelligence owned by my organisation and subsidiaries. I import and benchmark data held in legacy systems to cleanse and strengthen my data asset with Public intelligence.

I also subscribe to neighbouring social assets owned by other providers to elevate opportunities to promote shared efficiencies with my peers, and to measure my performance as required be the Regulator of Social Housing.

I am happy because I have instantly met my legal obligations around the Golden Thread, and provided my organisation with the opportunity to innovate with solutions in the Bimdl Application marketplace.

I subscribe to Facilities and Flats belonging to social housing providers in various postcodes local to my branches. 

I tailor offers to these residents that can be redeemed by verifying their address (driving license etc) features in the returned asset list within the platform.

I publish these offers in the Solution strand of qualifying assets which can be subscribed to be verified occupants.

I subscribe to assets belonging to social housing providers in my district, in order to ensure my resources are deployed in proximity where demand is likely to be high.

I subscribe to social assets to identify the optimal surface areas of my clients assets will move their assets to a Net Zero position in the most efficient way.

I do this by creating a Lense that returns assets that have seen the biggest SAP band improvements, and elevate which facets were altered to have a positive impact.

I publish my application in the marketplace for others to consume and strengthen my assessment tool by cycling the same Lens which improves the accuracy of the whole solution.

I subscribe to spatial and structural constraints of Facilities & Flats belonging to my customers from the Public and Business strand.


I augment this data with their consumption data to look for exceptions where thermal efficiencies can reduce demand on the grid.

I work with the supply chain to ensure that the impact of intervening with retrofit programs can be validated and observed through reduced consumption for discrete assets

I subscribe to social and commercial assets that meet the conditions for retrofit programmes, and Publish opportunities for funding in the Solutions strand of each qualifying asset.

I work with multiple asset owners in geographies with dense asset opportunities to ensure the workforce can implement solutions efficiently.  

I subscribe to the sector wide assets intelligence of social housing providers to execute a national audit of their stock.

I subscribe to the Golden Thread of assets to provide end users of an asset an accurate account of historic and scheduled events of an assets Lifecyle.

I am happy because I have a single point of entry to observe activity of all stakeholders without complex integrations for multiple systems used to support my clients.

I subscribe to social assets in proximity to my depots in order to to prescribe materials from my suppliers to mitigate environmentally heavy assets.

I ensure all the Housing Providers in a geography are aware of the shared efficiencies and buying power in acting collectively.

I publishing my solution in the application marketplace and to qualifying assets Solutions strand.

I subscribe to Facilities belonging to my existing customers and Publish my compliance media and events to the Solutions Strand of their assets.

This ensures my clients quickly demonstrate compliance to regulators without the requirement to request certificates from individual positions from my organisation. 

I deploy a vertically integrated application in the market and also publish an app in the marketplace for any asset owner to recruit my service on demand.

Search for assets with any combination of organisation and location to surface intelligence that supports your use case.

Integrations and extensions

Leverage domain expertise and insights with applications and extensions

Developer tools

Every asset in the Bimdl platform is unique, with events and media held on behalf of all stakeholders.

Application intelligence published to an asset can be held privately in a Strand, or co-opted for other stakeholder to subscribe to from the Intelligence Thread.

Developing solutions in this way ensures that the end application can be informed and strengthened as new asset intelligence arrives.

Seamlessly integrate Bimdl’s products and tools into your applications with developer friendly APIs

Build software applications faster and in a more standardised way with the SDKs

Deploy applications in the Bimdl Marketplace to run on any asset subscription

					Subscribe to assets
useEffect(() => {
  const loadData = async () => {
    try {
      const response = await'/api/v1/import/subscription-lr', criteria, {
        headers: { Authorization: `Bearer ${token}` },

    } catch (err) {

}, []);
import requests
import json

def load_data(criteria, token):
    headers = {'Authorization': f'Bearer {token}'}
    url = '/api/v1/import/subscription-lr'

        response =, json=criteria, headers=headers)
        response.raise_for_status()  # Raises a HTTPError if the response status isn't 200

        data = response.json()
        entries = data['entries']

        # Since there's no next() equivalent in Python, we'll just return the entries
        return entries

    except requests.HTTPError as err:
        error_message = err.response.json()['error']
        return error_message

# Call the function with the appropriate arguments
entries_or_error = load_data(criteria, token)
require 'vendor/autoload.php';

use GuzzleHttp\Client;
use GuzzleHttp\Exception\RequestException;

$client = new Client();
$criteria = []; // Your criteria goes here
$token = 'your-token'; // Your token goes here

try {
    $response = $client->request('POST', '/api/v1/import/subscription-lr', [
        'json' => $criteria,
        'headers' => [
            'Authorization' => 'Bearer ' . $token,

    $data = json_decode($response->getBody(), true);
    $entries = $data['entries'];

    // Use $entries as needed
} catch (RequestException $e) {
    if ($e->hasResponse()) {
        $error_message = json_decode($e->getResponse()->getBody(), true)['error'];

        // Handle error message as needed

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