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The fragile, manual days of collating property data and local intelligence are over.

bimdl is an intuitive, visual way to discover, consolidate, and communicate property data with all stakeholders. Property management software for tomorrow’s world

1B data sets collated from 1,600+ Social Landlords

How bimdl works

Bringing data to life in a human property management software

Crowdsource asset data from trusted government sources and combine data from legacy property management software


Correct duplicates, errors and validate entries to build trust in the data. Every value has a trust weighting based on user validations and data surveys 


Bring visual context to your data with spatial coordinates and GIS map positioning, floor plans, and 3D building information models (BIM)


Find stories in the data with multi table query builders and custom lenses. Schedule tasks, create data bounties and position components in the BIM


Low code rules engine with ML models for collision mapping and predictive outcomes. A risk free testbed for innovation away from the core data asset.


Share and receive insights from co-opted data pools. Sampling the broader asset registry for best practices and environmental wins *beta

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Store trusted stakeholder activity and insights to an immutable Golden Thread, backed by enterprise grade private (trusted actors) blockchain. 


Systems integration and data subscription endpoints to blend trusted data with legacy property management software during decommissioning.


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It only takes a few minutes to get started with bimdl. Understand your asset data — start free, today.


Make asset data a collaborative tool accessible to everyone - build trust and accountability to ensure the best products and services for customers whilst preserving the fabric of your stock.
property management software
property management


Become a proactive part of the improvement of the home you live in, with self help tools that bring accountability and transparency to how your home is managed.


Access broader property datasets for clients to help benchmark assets performance and back key strategic decisions with data driven evidence.
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Get started today

It only takes a few minutes to get started with bimdl. Understand your asset data — start free, today.
property management