The Social Impact of Making a Claim for Disrepair

Disrepair claims are more than just about seeking compensation or getting your home fixed, they can also contribute positively to society. But how exactly does making a claim for disrepair help to bring about social change? Let’s explore this further.

Claim For Disrepair - Enforcing Accountability

Making a housing disrepair claim can help enforce accountability among landlords and housing associations. If residents routinely claim for unresolved disrepair issues, property owners may be more likely to uphold their responsibilities to avoid future legal actions

Housing regulator disrepair claim

Improving Living Standards

When residents make a claim for disrepair and succeed, it often results in the necessary repairs finally being carried out. This not only improves living conditions for those residents, but it sets a precedent for other tenants to insist on acceptable living standards.

Creating Safer Communities

Many disrepair issues are not only inconvenient but can pose serious safety risks. By making a claim, residents can help ensure these risks are addressed, contributing to safer, healthier communities.

Claim for safer communities
Tenant Rights - social housing

Influencing Legislation

If enough tenants make a claim for disrepair and public awareness about the issue increases, it can influence policy makers to revise or create better housing legislation to protect tenants’ rights.

Conclusion: The Power of a Claim for Disrepair

Making a claim for disrepair is a powerful tool for social change. It holds landlords accountable, improves living conditions, creates safer communities, and can influence housing policy. Every tenant deserves to live in a safe, well-maintained property. Making a claim for disrepair can be an important step towards making that a reality for everyone.


At Bimdl we strive to support all stakeholders during the lifecycle of assets that have a material impact on the world we live in. By providing clearer information and tools to mitigate asset degradation, disrepair claims can become a last resort to instigate a positive change.

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