Putting tenant rights at the heart of our technology

bimdl landlords have made the choice to put tenant rights at the top of their agenda – become a proactive part of improving the home you live in. Log and manage issues, access self-help tools and protect your data.  

It’s free for tenants and always will be!

Tenant Rights

Homes from 1,600+ Social Landlords ready to claim

Taking tenant rights to the cloud

Tenant first

bimdl is the first property management solution designed around tenant rights and requirements. Tenants are the key to unlocking the potential of our homes and we help uphold tenant rights at all times.

Landlord agnostic

bimdl meets the needs of every landlord by creating value for their tenants. All residents can engage with information and issues about their homes. Ensuring landlord accountability is clear and measurable.

Control your data

The data produced in our homes is vital to help us learn where to improve. bimdl ensures that data created by tenants is under their total control. Sharing this data with landlords is optional and has a measurable value exchange.

Bounties and incentives

Tenants are the first line of defence against the issues that arrive in our homes. bimdl helps recognise tenants for performing simple tasks on behalf of their landlord. Creating improved and cheaper living conditions as well as a financial upside.

Our drivers


Preserving the fabric of our homes sustainably will dramatically improve carbon emissions.


Improved living conditions will increase our social worth, allowing tenants to thrive.


Sharing the cost savings and value created with tenants and their communities.

Tenant led

Become part of the bimdl DNA by helping shape our tenant application. We need tenants to help identify product features that can improve living conditions in rented properties.

What does the future for tenants look like? You decide!

You will be requested to identify your home to ensure we can retrieve all the existing data held in bimdl

You will be prompted to confirm basic property information like the number of rooms and floors. This information will be combined with energy performance data we hold to qualify your home for decarbonisation projects. Leading to a warm safe home fuelled by renewable energy, and massively reduced energy bills.

You will be prompted to identify common issues that your home may suffer from. This will allow the platform to offer potential remedies and bring accountability to the property owner.

If your property belongs to a registered social landlord, we will display their information for you to confirm. Your home may belong to a landlord you don’t recognise, this is because sometimes landlords manage each others property. If this happens, you can add the landlord who currently manages your home.

As an early adopter you will be granted access to the platform and mobile app. You will be given a digital incentives wallet to manage funds that are provided by bimdl and your landlord for responding to data bounties and basic tasks to manage your home. 

Funds held in your wallet can be exchanged for goods and services from your local retail community just like cash.

View scheduled works and track issues being managed by your landlord in a simple and interactive view. Track the use of your property data and participate in bounties that help you and your home become truly sustainable.

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