Data Staging - Issues List

The bimdl platform will cross-check and verify your property address data with multiple other trusted sources such as Land Registry and Google Maps to ensure that the address imported is correct. In the instance were bimdl flags up issues in the address data this is added to the issues filter on the facilities page.

Users can click on the issues filter to toggle it on and see a list view of properties with address issues. By clicking on specific properties users get a description of the issue along with a suggested fix. By resolving the address issue users move the property out of the issue filter. Please note that properties in the issue filter can’t be clicked into until their address issue has been resolved

issue filter on platform


What’s been released

  • Cross-checking and verification of address data from multiple trusted sources to build address consensus
  • Addresses with conflicting address information will be flagged up in the issue filter
  • Users can view properties with address issues in a list view by toggling the issue filter on
  • bimdl gives users suggested corrections to the flagged address which users can accept or reject.
  • Address issues need to be resolved before a property can be actionable in the platform.