The data import tool allows you to bring in your existing business intelligence to bimdl. With bimdl you’re able to import data from all your existing systems into one single view. The import tool is an easy drag and drop and you can quickly get up and running with your business data on the platform. This keeps disruption of your existing business processes to a minimum, making the transition to bimdl smooth.
To use the import tool, simply navigate to Data Staging -> click on import and drag and drop the file(s) you want to import to data staging. Click on the submit button to add your files. As your business data is verified, it starts to together with the bimdl stock data and move across to the blockchain ledger.
Data Staging - Imports

🚀 What’s been released

  • data import API
  • Import profiles
  • Import activity log
  • Import origin system tag

When an import get added to the system, you can view the system the file originated from. The bimdl platform also logs the user who made the import and when. This allows you to locate what data has been uploaded onto bimdl and how current the information is. Data added to the system is shared with all users giving everyone a unified view of the business intelligence in use. However, users can also import data as private, meaning only them can view the data in the system.  

If you want to find out more about how the import works take a look at the video below.