Facilities - Add Lens

You’re now able to create complex Lenses in your Facility view. Lenses allow you to interrogate and analyse asset data further enabling more sophisticated decisions around your stock. When you execute a Lens, the result filter, on the facilities map and table, show the location of the properties that match your lens criteria.

What’s been released

  • Create a Lens from the asset data tables on the platform
  • Add rules and group to drill down to the exact information you’re looking for
  • Ability to set Lenses to private or public
  • Delete, update or view existing Lenses
  • Assets matching the results of your Lens will be visible on the map view when the Lens is turned on
  • Ability to easily turn Lenses off or on by clicking on their name in the facilities view

Getting started with Lenses

To create a new lens click on the Add Lens button on the facilities view. Give your lens a name and a description and decide if you want it to be Private (only you can view the Lens) or Public (everyone in your organisation can view the Lens) and then start building your query.

The example below will retrieve facilities with 2 units (flats) or more, in Lancashire where the rating was granted since 2018, that have an EPC rating of C or below, with the potential of increasing above C.

With Lenses you’ll be able to understand the current performance of your stock, identify trends and make future predictions and interventions based on verified trusted asset data.