Missing Stock you didn’t know about

Dashboard missing stock

When organisations administer thousands of properties, it is sometimes possible to overlook assets. Land and facilities can be included in land registry data but not necessarily included in the stock data held in legacy systems used today. We have ensured that all assets with a title in the name of a social landlord can be […]

Issue Filter

Data Staging - Issues List

The bimdl platform will cross-check and verify your property address data with multiple other trusted sources such as Land Registry and Google Maps to ensure that the address imported is correct. In the instance were bimdl flags up issues in the address data this is added to the issues filter on the facilities page. Users […]

Apply Filters to data in Data Staging

Data Staging - Add filters

You’re now able to analyse your historic data in Data Staging by applying filters. When you apply filters, your day to day data requirements can still be executed by your team while you move your old systems data to bimdl.  Data staging stores all your historic business data. Once your business data is added to Data Staging […]

Data import

Data Staging - Imports

The data import tool allows you to bring in your existing business intelligence to bimdl. With bimdl you’re able to import data from all your existing systems into one single view. The import tool is an easy drag and drop and you can quickly get up and running with your business data on the platform. […]

Data Staging

Staging - Multiple data tables

Data Staging brings business intelligence from many systems into one view. This module lets users bring existing business intelligence to life. Build filters on disparate system data and correlate against indexed bimdl data. Features: Multi system data view System data import API Import profiles to link future imports to the same legacy system Address correlation […]