Predictive Legal Claims

Predict Legal Claims

Predicting Disrepair Claims in Social Housing:Machine Learning Identify disrepair claims trends to intervene with high risk properties before legal escalation. Ensuring organisations can allocate budgets to improvements instead of the dreaded ambulance chasers. Request a demo Introduction On 20th March 2019 a new law came into force to make sure that rented houses and flats […]

Predictive Void Property

Void Roadmap

Predictive Void Properties in Social Housing:Machine Learning Mitigate the impact of lost revenue, security concerns, additional administration and energy costs from void property across UK Social Housing Stock. Request a demo Introduction Voids can occur due to multiple factors, and social landlords must ensure that no more than 4% of their total stock are in […]

Predictive Maintenance

Bimdl ML

Predictive Maintenance In Social Housing: Machine Learning Predicting future maintenance events or asset failures by applying machine learning. Bimdl’s trained ML models allow organisations to predict the future by learning from the past events in existing data. Request a demo Introduction Predictive maintenance is one of the most highly desired outcomes from machine learning. Asset […]