We are becoming a beautiful butterfly

This week we launched our wonderful, diverse branding as we move into the next chapter of this exciting journey to harmonise how we manage and maintain the homes we live in and depend on.

Since the first MVP (our larva) we always knew our brand identity would be a work in progress and that as we begin to personalise the cause with team members and customers, our true identity would emerge. And here it is (for now).

Our brand learnings

Let it be

Don’t get hung up on the absolute detail. By accepting your brand will have many iterations early in the process, and you will save valuable time and money. We used a free vector image and Arial font to get the ball rolling. It ain’t pretty but we never set out to be a branding consultancy. As a startup, the function should always trump design and this functioned well for our needs.

Getting itchy feet

Evolve and experiment as you move around potential customers. Make bold moves and make sure you impress yourself first. It’s normal to take your brand on a wild rollercoaster ride as you strengthen your marketing assets. The best thing to trigger this is when you want to talk to potential customers about a functioning product. This will instigate thoughts about how you and the team can make repeatable collateral that customers can consume unmanned.

keep it Simple

Less is always more! Align with the principles that resonate with your team and customers and simplify where possible. Branding can be a science, but you’re too small for this to matter right now. Enjoy the process and embrace the creative freedom that comes with branding a startup.

Make it beautiful for all

Don’t typecast your brand based on traction in a particular market. Now you are gaining traction and users, project your brand into the future, where you want it to be. bimdl is an inclusive platform for every demographic. We are united by the simple things in life and share a common goal to become sustainable.

This next brand iteration is designed to decouple what people think about our brand and focus on how it makes them feel.

This makes us feel good.