New Technology Partnership Announcement:
bimdl and Shrap

bimdl, the landlord and tenant SaaS for property lifecycle management, is excited to announce a technology partnership with Shrap, an FCA-regulated, anonymous service for digital micropayments.

Shrap Partnership

Tech for good

Within this partnership, bimdl and Shrap are developing a range of solutions that enable landlords to drive proactive property maintenance and support local communities. The collaboration seeks to reduce inefficient spend on retrospective repairs, encouraging tenants to make positive changes through the use of financial incentives.

The bimdl platform combines property lifecycle management tools that enable landlords to collate intelligence on properties and take proactive measures to optimise their performance and maintenance. Embedding Shrap’s APIs within the platform augments tenant records with digital wallets, allowing landlords to distribute financial incentives for actions evidenced by the tenant on the bimdl app. 

Balances accumulated by tenants can then be spent within the community, based on predefined criteria such as the location or category of retailer, allowing landlords to demonstrate support for both tenants and the broader local economy.

bimdl and Shrap are building better communities

The technology partnership offers a unique opportunity to help solve one of the major challenges impacting the housing sector. We believe that digital solutions should work for everyone, and the partnership achieves just that - supporting tenants from all walks of life, and freely recirculating value within local communities.

James Cummins | CTO at Shrap

Bringing together these two technology stacks massively accelerates circular economy aspirations. We believe that property owners have a compelling reason to see communities thrive and social impact is a key driver for everyone. Now we have the mechanisms to influence environmental, social, and economic sustainability in our communities.

Leon Tatlock | CEO at bimdl

About Shrap

Shrap’s mission is to become the preferred method for micropayments. 

The service can be adopted by SaaS solutions to embed micropayments, within an FCA-regulated environment, without the hassle and expense of legacy payment rails or the roadblock of KYC.

About bimdl

bimdl is on a journey to democratise the transition to sustainable living.

Supporting social landlords that manage tens of thousands of properties, or single owner-occupiers, by putting residents at the centre of preserving their homes, and ensuring landlord accountability is measurable and compliant.

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