Connected Units

Connected Units

Route planning for your scheduled work is made easy with connected units on the bimdl platform. Connected units help you understand the relationship between the facilities, flats and rooms owned and managed by the same landlord. .  On the single property view for your flats you can easily see what other flats in the building […]

Map view of facilities

Map view of facilities

You can view all your properties on the map view in facilities. bimdl captures the true spatial coordinates of your properties and renders them within their correct location on the map. From here you’re able to drill down further to view clusters of properties in the same building or neighbourhood on the map. What’s been […]

View a property’s historic and current EPC data

Golden Thread - Multiple EPC

You can now view the current and historic EPC certificates for a property inside the bimdl platform. This allows you to understand how the energy efficiency of a property has changed over time, including what improvements or retrofits have been added to the property. This allows you to make more informed decisions around interventions and […]

Dashboard Graphs

Dashboard - Managed Facilities

Dashboard graphs are now live! Visualise your property data on the bimdl dashboard to gain a richer understanding of the state of your property stock and where there is an opportunity for optimisation. What’s been released Pre-canned graphs showing you a breakdown of your stock and it’s energy performance A list of your “missing properties”, […]

Dashboard Card: Current vs Potential EPC’s

Golden Thread - Multiple EPC

You’re dashboard has a new graph! On your dashboard page you will now find a graph showing you the current and potential EPC ratings of your stock. This makes it easy to identify properties that are currently a D or below that have the potential to go up to a C or above.

Dashboard Card: Breakdown of stock

Dashboard - Stock breakdown

Your dashboard has a new graph! On the dashboard page you will now be able to view a breakdown of your property types. What’s been released A dashboard card showing you the number of facilities, flats and rooms that you own in the platform Don’t forget that all facilities, flats and rooms are related to each other in the platform […]

Creating a bimdl Lens in facilities

Facilities - Add Lens

You’re now able to create complex Lenses in your Facility view. Lenses allow you to interrogate and analyse asset data further enabling more sophisticated decisions around your stock. When you execute a Lens, the result filter, on the facilities map and table, show the location of the properties that match your lens criteria. What’s been released Create a […]

Missing Stock you didn’t know about

Dashboard missing stock

When organisations administer thousands of properties, it is sometimes possible to overlook assets. Land and facilities can be included in land registry data but not necessarily included in the stock data held in legacy systems used today. We have ensured that all assets with a title in the name of a social landlord can be […]

Dashboard Card: Facilities Managed Not Owned

bimdl have stock data for all 1,600 social landlords in the UK which means identifying asset owners by their address is a piece of cake. We have enabled a basic league table in the dashboard to visualise and engage with these assets. What’s been released Managed facilities API Dashboard card and league table Click through […]

Facility Land Registry Details

Golden Thread - Property Meta

All of the properties crowdsourced into the platform by bimdl come decorated with additional data from trusted public sources, such as Land Registry. When you’re on the property page for one of your facilities, you’ll see the following information pulled from Land Registry: UPRN  Constituency it’s located in Owner  Title number  Landlord  This information helps […]