Data Staging - Add filters
You’re now able to analyse your historic data in Data Staging by applying filters. When you apply filters, your day to day data requirements can still be executed by your team while you move your old systems data to bimdl.
Data staging stores all your historic business data. Once your business data is added to Data Staging it goes through a validation process alongside the bimdl stock data. This allows for all your valuable business data to be seamlessly transferred to bimdl´s blockchain ledger. This brings your business data over to be stored on the blockchain ledger.

🚀What’s been released

  • Ability to apply filters to your historic data in bimdl
  • Filters can be set to both private or public
  • Multiple filters can be selected at once to identify properties that cross over multiple criteria
Getting started with Filters
To create a new filter, click on the blue Add Filter button in Data Staging, give your filter a name and a description. Next, decide if you want your filter to be private or public, public filters will be shared with other users on the platform.
You can now start drilling down on your filter criteria by setting up filter rules. In the example below, the filter is set to show users properties with an EPC rating of D.
add filters