On a mission to simplify housing software

Bringing housing software back to the future.

We are on a mission to consumerise how humans interpret and manage the buildings we live in and depend on. 

Why? Because we believe that optimising where we live is the catalyst for environmental and social reform.

housing software

1B data sets collated from 1,600+ Social Landlords


Whiteboard a better way

We help property owners and their occupants unite to bring balance and sustainability to the way we live.

In 2019 we started with our MVP (minimum viable product), collecting feedback from a handful of social landlords, and have continued to iterate and grow the product since.

Jump forward to now, bimdl is the leading product for landlords who want to go beyond business as usual practices so they can empathise with and understand their customers — to bring tenants to the table, so they can take part in the social step change toward sustainability.

Our team is committed to making bimdl beautiful and intuitive to use, easy to deploy, and affordable for property owners and landlords. Ensuring the custodians of their homes, and communities benefit from the environmental, social and economic gains we make together.


You may not share them, but we do.

Be brave

Change often comes with sacrifice and we are braced and prepared for the global step change


We treat obstacles to value as our guiding light to the right way. Obstacles are simply opportunities to optimise


We are at war with human apathy and are prepared to fight it by building an amazing product that gives hope


We take an "easier done than said" approach and are accountable to act wherever we can


Failure is the lifeblood of strength and we use it to grow. We are antifragile and gain from disorder


We are fluid and agile, evolving to match the changing requirements to preserve this beautiful planet